Pyshepseg Release Notes

Version 2.0.0 (2023-01-04)

New Features:
  • A test script (pyshepseg_runtests) that can be run to confirm the install is working as intended.

  • Split up the parts of doTiledSegmentation() so they can be run in parallel.

  • Check syntax with flake8 and run test script on new PRs in github.

  • Use entry points for the command line scripts rather than creating our own. Should make running on Windows easier.

  • Added ability to calculate “spatial” statistics on the segments.

  • Use numpydoc for creating Sphinx documentation.

  • Subset functionality is now in a separate “subset” module.

  • Statistics functionality now in a new “tilingstats” module.

Version 1.1.0 (2021-12-24)

Bug Fixes:
  • Guard against Float images being used for calculating statistics as the results were undefined.

  • Added other checks to ensure that the image having statistics calculated matches spatially with the segmented image.

  • Add the ability to add GDAL driver creation options for the output image of a segmentation.

  • Create the histogram column as a Real to match common GDAL usage.

  • Add checks to ensure histogram and colour columns aren’t created if they already exist.

  • Ensure the first segment of each RAT Page isn’t initally set to ‘complete’ before use.

  • Raise error if any incomplete RAT Pages are found during processing as this indicates the RAT contains more entries than unique values in the image.

  • When calculating statistics, open the file that the stats are calculated on in read only mode so /vsi filesystems can be used.

  • Increase default overlap for tiled segmentation as the old value could result in inconsistencies and segments that were missing from the image (but in the RAT).

  • Remove dependency on distutils which is now deprecated.

New Features:
  • New Sphinx documentation located at

  • Added a new subsetImage() function to the tiling module that subsets an already segemented image and collapses the RAT so there are no redundant entries. Also added a command line program to test this functionality.

  • Exclude any nodata pixels values during statistics calculation.

Version 1.0.0 (2021-04-08)

New Features:
  • Added pyshsep.tiling module to allow processing of large rasters in a memory-efficient manner.

  • Added pyshepseg.tiling.calcPerSegmentStatsTiled() function to enable calculation of per-segment statistics in a fast and memory-efficient manner.

  • Added pyshepseg.utils.writeColorTableFromRatColumns() function, to add colour table calculated from per-segment statistics

Version 0.1

Initial implementation of segmentation algorithm. Other facilities will be added as we get to them.